O manifesto da Rede será publicado em breve; no entretanto, podem ler o texto do Alex Foti (ChainWorkers, Milano MayDay Parade; obrigados Alex pela preview), “The Precariat For Itself“:

A decade before Guy Standing wrote The Precariat, the precariat had already named itself. In the Fall of 2004 in London, anti-globalization activists drafted “The Middlesex Declaration of Europe’s Precariat”, a manifesto that set forth a call for a Pan-European May Day and listed a set of basic demands…
Although Standing doesn’t acknowledge his intellectual debt to the movement is right in arguing that the precariat is making the leap from class in itself to class for itself… [the] precarization of the middle class and pauperization of the service class brought by the Great Recession have turned [precarity] into a mainstream issue, and the precariat into an item for discussion in the in op-ed columns of major newspapers around the world. Never the word “precarious” has been written with more frequency, and applied to a larger variety of contexts…
A new precarious class has superseded the old working class: the service precariat of the 21st century, which is the analogue of the industrial proletariat in the 20th century. The precariat is the revolutionary subject that opposes and will ultimately undermine the economic and political elites that caused the crisis.